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Coach Jack Gi Worlds 2024

Coach Jack Gi Worlds 2024 image

Our very own Coach Jack is competing at the IBJJF World Championshis in Las Vegas. This will be his second Worlds, his first time as a purple belt!

Kids BJJ Disco

Kids BJJ Disco  image

GBC ran its very first Kids Disco, Jiu-jitsu after dark! 

Special Private Training w/ Prof. Guga

Special Private Training w/ Prof. Guga image

Side control attacks with Professor Gustavo Pinto!

Farewell Coach Josh!

Farewell Coach Josh! image

Our beloved Coach Josh is off to start his career in environmental science!

KIDS CAMP 2023-2024

KIDS CAMP 2023-2024 image

Unleash your childs inner warrior at our Kids Jiu-jitsu Camp!

Father & Son

Father & Son  image

Father and Son, training together from trial class to blue belt!



This year Gracie Barra Charlestown had our biggest turnout at a competition, with nearly 40 students making the trip down to Sydney to represent our team!

More than just a stripe...

More than just a stripe... image

Here at GBC our goal isn't to just teach a sport. We want to instil good habits and characteristics they will carry throughout their life!

Kids Belt Promotion

Kids Belt Promotion image

Celebrating Dom's incredible belt test! Dom, a determined and optimistic young student and reaching the grey/white belt is the first of many big milestones in his journey! Let's take a moment to acknowledge his hard work, dedication, and the significance of this achievement.

Community at Gracie Barra

Community at Gracie Barra image

We are more than just Gracie Barra Charlestown!



It's almost the school holidays which means our BJJ Kids Camp is approching fast! 

Coach Jack - World Championship 2023

Coach Jack - World Championship 2023 image

Coach Jack is going to compete in America!

Kids Camp at GBC

Kids Camp at GBC image

Did you know every school holidays we run a Kids Camp?


ANZAC Day  image

Attention Students!



Superstar Siblings

Superstar Siblings image

In 2022 the Tancin siblings, Cooper and Eve, had an amazing competition season! We are incredinly proud of there dedication and determination! 

GB Oceania School Certification Program

GB Oceania School Certification Program image

We want to thank all our students and parents, we are grateful for having amazing people around us upholding our values!



As parents, we want what’s best for our children, and we also want our children to give it their best when they participate in extra-curricular sports and activities. The problem is, we sometimes get caught up in our desire to see our children perform well and we speak up at the wrong times. With that said, we’ve put together some details about how coaching from the sidelines plays a harmful role in our child’s emotional development.

Never too old

Never too old image

With 'Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone' being one of Gracie Barra's main principles - we mean it! Nigel pictured above receiving his first stripe on his White belt began training with GB Charlestown at the age of 59 and can't get enough. He trains twice a week and fits perfectly into our diverse and accepting team. 

Kids Kids Kids!!!

Kids Kids Kids!!! image

With word spreading fast about how rewarding and transforming BJJ can be for children, 2020 has brought in more kids memberships than ever! We offer age-appropriate kids classes every day of the school week and a fun/popular mixed kids class Saturday mornings. Come and join our growing community!!

Gracie Barra Charlestown Grading

Gracie Barra Charlestown Grading image

In December of 2019 we had our annual adults grading. This is a time for all Gracie Barra Charlestown students to come together and celebrate their progress in jiu jitsu. Jiu jitsu is a long and arduous journey, and recognition of this journey is important. Some recieved belts and stripes, but everyone progressed together as martial artists. We are very proud of all Gracie Barra Charlestown students, and thank you all for coming and making it a special night of Jiu Jitsu

Professor Arnie receives his black belt

Professor Arnie receives his black belt image

After a 15 year journey with Jiu Jitsu, our Professor and Head Coach Arnaldo Cardozo finally achieved his black belt. This is a momentous occasion for not just Arnie but the entire Gracie Barra Charlestown family. It is very rare to have such high level coaches teach consistently and also train reguarly with their students. Arnie and Guga share a wealth of jiu jitsu knowledge that they willingly share with all students. Arnie recieving his black belt is symbolic of the high standards he strives to maintain at Gracie Barra Charlestown day in day out. 

New Class- Women Only

New Class- Women Only image

Fresh off a succesful Women's self defence course, Gracie Barra Charlestown has decided to start a regular Women Only class! Every Saturday 8-9am, it will give women of Gracie Barra Charlestown a space to train jiu jitsu with purely women. We hope this furthers the enjoyment of jiu jitsu for women in the community, and perhaps encourages those women nervous to train to give it a chance.

The Values Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Represents

The Values Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Represents image

This short post is about of detail about the values Brazilian Jiu Jitsu represents. Read it to get a better idea about what Gracie Barra Charlestown is trying to accomplish.

Competition Highlights from NSW State Championships

Competition Highlights from NSW State Championships image

Below are some highlights from the NSW State Championships from this year! Many members big and small of Gracie Barra Charlestown competed, and everyone had a great day!






Children and the Gracie Barra anti-bullying program.

Children and the Gracie Barra anti-bullying program. image

It is a sad reality that most children will be exposed to bullying in some form. A global study revealed that 10-12% of kids all over the world experience some form of bullying*. Prolonged exposure can lead to issues in later life such as anxiety and aggressive tendencies. It is so important to prevent bullying, ideally before it even starts. This is what the Gracie Barra anti-bullying program is all about, and why Gracie Barra Charlestown provides it to its kids. It teaches children how to defend themselves in two main ways- verbally and physically. Spanning over sixteen weeks, it works through situations kids may encounter step by step. Kids learn how to stand up for themselves, and how to neutralise a physical situation with minimal damage inflicted. 


Central Coast BJJ Champion

Central Coast BJJ Champion image

Pictured below, Gracie Barra Charlestown competitor Kayla Cardazo stands triumphant on the podium after winning the super fight at the Central Coast Open. She took part in a mammoth 8 fights over the course of the day, and also participated  in a superfight division which included multiple belts and around 8 girls total. Not only was it all belts but everything was permitted, including heel hooks. Kayla fought incredibly hard and came out victorious It was a amazing day and the look on Kayla's face says it all! Oss!


Australia Jiu Jitsu Championships:Results

Australia Jiu Jitsu Championships:Results image

On the 11th of August, Coach Arnie and Kayla travelled down to Melbourne for the weekend to compete in the National Australian Jiu-Jitsu Championship. Representing Gracie Barra Charlestown, they fought incredibly hard and the results spoke for themselves. Arnie won gold in both open weight gi and no gi, as well as silver in gi at 91kgs. Kayla won gold in her weight in the gi, as well as 2 silvers and a bronze in the remaining division. They both worked hard, perserevered and demonstrated resilience throughout their matches- everything Brazilian Jiu Jitsu embodies! Below are some photos of the weekend;

News- Father's Day Success!

News- Father's Day Success!  image

Fathers Day Training was a success!
Thanks to everyone that came to our Father's Day class! Here's some extra photos and details of the day





Gracie Barra Compnet 2018

Gracie Barra Compnet 2018 image

On the 16th of September, members of Gracie Barra Charlestown made the trek down to Sydney for the annual Gracie Barra Compnet! This is a competition purely for Gracie Barra Schools, and is not only a compeittion but a celebration of the size and strength of the Gracie Barra Organization. It was fufilling to see a sea of red shirts and GB competitors, and realise what a massive family we are all a part of. Spirits were high win or lose, as both our Tiny Champions and adults alike took part and tried their best. For many, it was their first compeition, and everyone did incredibly well! Click the link for photos of the day!  


Tiny Champion's Grading Day

Tiny Champion's Grading Day image

Saturday the 22nd was the grading day for our Tiny Champions. It was a rewarding day, as the kids saw the culmination of all their hard work. We at Gracie Barra Charlestown believe in the principles of hard work, and it was great to see kids perserve and realise there will be a reward for patience and hard work. Our gradings are not given lightly, these kids have put in genuine time and effort into improving their abilities. Their Jiu Jitsu is so good, we can't wait to see them get even better! Oss

The Value of Competition

The Value of Competition image

With the Newcastle Open coming up, here a few a few words about why Gracie Barra Charlestown loves to compete!

Pan Pacific IBJJF 2018

Pan Pacific IBJJF 2018 image

From the 26th to the 28th of October, the annual IBJJF Pan Pacific Jiu Jitsu Championship took place. This is a prestigious even that helps Jiu Jitsu practitioners test themselves and see how they perform at a national level. From Gracie Barra Charlestown, Coach Arnaldo and coach Kayla both competed, performed tremendously. In her division, Kayla won silver in no gi and bronze in the gi. Coach Arnie won gold in gi, no gi, in his weight and open weight, meaning a stunning total of four gold medals. Results like these are amazing and show that our coaches preach what they practice- hard work, discipline, and perserverance! Here are some photos of the weekend! Lets go Gracie Barra Charlestown!

Newcastle Open 2018

Newcastle Open 2018 image

On the fourth of November the annual Newcastle Open Jiu Jitsu competition took place. This event is always exciting, and was a big deal for Gracie Barra Charlestown, as it was the first time the school got to take part in the event. A large amount of people were competing, in both adults and kids divisions. For many it was their first compeition. The results were incredible, as every single member of the Charlestown team put themselves on the line and wore their hearts on their sleeves. Some won gold in multiple divisions, others lost their first match. This is not what matters, what is important is the commitment and dedication every student showed in their approach and performance in the competition. Overcoming anxiety, dealing with adversity, and trying their best is what we encourage, and what Jiu Jitsu teaches. We love our team! Go Gracie Barra Charlestown, and Gracie Barra as a whole! OSS! 

The Gracie Barra Fundamentals Program

The Gracie Barra Fundamentals Program image

A common question asked by new students is what is the Fundamentals Program? What’s the point of it? Why does it teach what it does? Gracie Barra Charlestown thought it would make sense to outline the general points to give a clear overview of what it actually accomplishes.

The Art of Jiu-Jitsu- Gustavo Machado Pinto

The Art of Jiu-Jitsu- Gustavo Machado Pinto image

It is always important to remember that as a part of Gracie Barra Charlestown, you are a part of the Gracie Barra family as a whole. You are teamates not just with those within your school, but with every school. This is a profile about the Professor at Gracie Barra Newcastle- Gustavo Machado Pinto. It is rare to have high level teachers of Jiu-Jitsu- let alone two available in Coach Arnie at Charlestown and Professor Gustavo at Newcastle. This profile is being shared to give a greater insight to Gracie Barra Charlestown students about who you are connected to, and can learn from. Enjoy!

Gracie Barra Charlestown Kid's Grading

Gracie Barra Charlestown Kid's Grading image

On the 8th of December, Gracie Barra Charlestown had its grading day for our kids. It is a very important day for our Tiny Champions, as they recieve their new belts in front of all their family and friends. The kids who have attended, maintained disciplined, and tried to improve technique were rewarded for their committment to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We love to see progression at Gracie Barra Charlestown, and every single kid that trains here have improved massively, and not just in Jiu Jitsu. Here are a few photos of the day! OSS!

How to start your New Year's right.

How to start your New Year's right. image

From everyone at Gracie Barra Charlestown Happy New Year! The start of any year is a frantic time, as people, spurred on by the excitement of a new year, attempt to make drastic changes to their lives in the name of a resolution. These decisions are often made late on new year's eve, perhaps with a hubris that quickly fades the next day, to be forgotten by Febuary. For the Jiu-Jitsu world, a common resolution is to "get better at Jiu-Jitsu" or to "train more" or something along these lines. Here are a few tips to make achieving your resolution slightly more viable this time around.



GB Charlestown Belt Testing

GB Charlestown Belt Testing image

A big change this year at Gracie Barra Charlestown has been the introduction of belt testing for our Tiny Champions. This is completely free, and designed to encourage growth in our students. First, there is a questionaire aimed at the parents, the instructor, and the child themselves. They are simple questions that are designed to make the child consider about what it means to improve, and what that behaviour looks like. After this is the actual testing. It is a challenging environment, as all their fellow pupils watch on as they demonstrate a self defense technique, a ground technique, and a takedown technique. To perform all of this in front of an audience would be anxiety inducing even for adults, yet so far all of our students have rose to the occasion beautifully. This is a testiment to the value of Jiu Jitsu, that shy children can stand tall and show the school what they are capable of. It is what we love to see. Here are the two latest Gracie Barra Charlestown Grey/White belts; Enzo and Franklin!

Breathing Seminar

Breathing Seminar image

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a lifestyle, and we encourage not just training this martial art, but broadening your mind and trying to improve your health in different types of ways. Eating healthy, yoga, and practicing mindfulness are all great ways not just to improve your Jiu Jitsu, but to improve your life! That is why, on the 9th of March, we will be having Joe Fairleigh give a breathing workshop at Gracie Barra Charlestown. From 11am till 1pm, breathing is unique combination of modern science and ancient practice that is really only just starting to be utilised in sports. Spots are $30, call and book to try new things and push your boundaries!

Sydney International Open 2019

Sydney International Open 2019 image

On the 30th of March, competitors from our GB family of Gracie Barra Charlestown and Gracie Barra Newcastle City travelled to Sydney for the IBJJF Sydney International Open 2019. All of our students performed well and tried their best. Most notably, Professor Gustavo Pinto competed in both Gi and No-Gi jiu jitsu. This was exciting, especially for many new students who had never seen their Professor compete. Despite being not competing for some time, Gustavo was able to come away with double gold in both divisions! The greatest thing about our schools is we don't just say our teachers are the best- we can objectively prove it! Well done Professor, and well done Gracie Barra Charlestown! Now back to school for more Jiu-Jitsu!

Prof. Braulio Estima Seminar at GB Newcastle City

Prof. Braulio Estima Seminar at GB Newcastle City image

Professor Brauilo Estima will be doing a Seminar at GB Newcastle City on the 2nd of May! This is a great opportunity to Gracie Barra Charlestown students! Professor Estima is hands down one of the best Jiu Jitsu practioners Gracie Barra has ever produced. His competitive records are extensive; 3x IBJJF World Champion, UAEJJF World Pro Champion, ADCC Champion, 3x IBJJF European Champion, 3x IBJJF Pan Am Champion, 3x IBJJF Worlds Silver Medallist and ADCC Silver Medallist. Not to mention, with his brother he pioneered the famous "Estima Lock". With an incredible story overcoming injuries, this is not a seminar you want to miss!

Tickets must be purchased online, go on the Gracie Barra Newcastle City Facebook page for details!

BJJ Autumn Cup 2019

BJJ Autumn Cup 2019 image

A host of members of Gracie Barra Charlestown competed in the annual Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament the Autumn Cup! Both adult and child students challenged themselves by placing theirselves in a stressful, competitive environment. Their were mixed results but the most important thing is that all students that entired demonstrated courage, respect, and resilience. As a result, they all learnt valuable lessons, and this is what we are all about at Gracie Barra Charlestown. Competing is a beautiful part of Jiu Jitsu! Here are a few photos

Parent's Class- 5th of June

Parent's Class- 5th of June image

There will be a parent's and kids class oat 5:15 on the 5th of June. Click for more information

Monthly Parent's Class- 6th July

Monthly Parent's Class- 6th July image

One of Gracie Barra Charlestown's most outstanding traits is the culture we have fostered, and a big part of that culture is family. That is why, due to the success of our initial Parent's Class, to make it a monthly installment. The next Parent's Class will be Saturday 6th of July. Click below if you wish to read about our thoughts on parent's Classes and Jiu-Jitsu

Seminar August 17th

Seminar August 17th image

Professor Henrique Eiji will be hosting a seminar at Gracie Barra Charlestown on August 17th. Recommended personally by Coach Arnie, Professor Eiji has phenommenal Brazilian Jiu Jitus. He will be focusing specifically on lapel guard attacks. This is a great oppurtunity for everyone at Gracie Barra Charlestown! Tickets selling fast book quick!

Seminar August 31st

Seminar August 31st image

On Saturday August 31st from 1-5pm there will be a seminar at Gracie Barra Newcastle City

Free Women's Self Defence Course

Free Women's Self Defence Course image

Gracie Barra Charlestown will be hosting a free women's self defence course.

It will start October 19th, and run for four consecutive saturdays from 8-9am.

Everybody has the right to feel safe. Gracie Barra Charlestown wants to provide this by teaching Jiu Jitsu centred around women. By the end of the month, all involved will have strengthed their mind, body and spirit.

GB Compnet 2019

GB Compnet 2019 image

On September 15th 2019, Gracie Barra Charlestown took part in the annual Gracie Barra Compnet. This is a competition exclusively for Gracie Barra schools to compete with each other in a fun, competitive atmosphere. We were very happy with the results, especially with our Tiny Champions, who collected 3 gold medals and 1 silver with plenty of submissions. Here are some photos of the medals

Parent's Class 23rd October

Parent's Class 23rd October image

Gracie Barra Charlestown will be having a parent's class on the 23rd of October, Wednesday 5:15-6pm. Come do Jiu Jitsu as a family!