How to help your little champion on their jiujitsu journey...


Consistency is Key

Consistency is key in the development of children, and establishing a routine around their jiu jitsu classes can have a profound impact on their progress and discipline. We strongly encourage you to choose two specific days of the week as non-negotiable jiu jitsu days for your child. By setting these dedicated days, your child will develop a sense of routine and discipline, making their jiu jitsu practice a consistent and integral part of their weekly schedule.


It is essential to prioritize a structured routine before attending jiu jitsu classes. Please be mindful of what activities your child engages in before their jiu jitsu session. Activities that involve high stimulation, such as screen time or engaging in energetic play with friends, may make the transition to a focused jiu jitsu environment challenging for your child. Creating a calm and focused atmosphere before class can help your child transition smoothly and engage more effectively during their training.


While some may believe that more training sessions are better, quality over quantity is key, especially for children. Twice a week is often more than sufficient and can be more beneficial than overwhelming your child with three or more sessions. Jiu jitsu training can be repetitive and physically demanding, and we aim for your child to repeat techniques and positions multiple times to build muscle memory and skill. However, we approach this repetition in a fun and engaging manner to prevent burnout and ensure that your child enjoys the learning process.


By allowing your child to experience jiu jitsu twice a week over an extended period, we create a sustainable and enjoyable learning environment where they can gradually develop their skills and understanding of this martial art. Our goal is for your child to embrace jiu jitsu as a long-term lifestyle that offers numerous benefits beyond the physical techniques.













Make Learning Fun!

One of the key aspects of teaching jiu jitsu to children is to prioritize fun and joy in the learning process. It is crucial for kids to have a positive association with their jiu jitsu lessons, even during challenging moments such as losing a match or facing difficulties in training. When a child can find joy and happiness in the practice of jiu jitsu, it not only enhances their overall experience but also has a lasting impact on their engagement with the sport.


By allowing children to have fun and experience the joy of jiu jitsu, we create a supportive environment where they can learn and grow over the long term. It is through this positive reinforcement and association with fun that children develop a deep connection with the sport, paving the way for continuous learning and improvement.


We kindly request that as parents, you play a supportive role by letting your child engage with the training process independently. If your child looks towards the sidelines during practice, a simple smile and a thumbs-up gesture from you can go a long way in encouraging their progress. Avoiding the urge to provide corrections or instructions from the sidelines is essential in ensuring that your child feels confident and empowered during their jiu jitsu sessions.


After training, a few words of encouragement such as, "I love to see you training" can reinforce your child's positive experience and motivate them to continue their jiu jitsu journey with enthusiasm. Remember that your patience and trust in our coaching team are instrumental in allowing your child to fully experience the benefits of jiu jitsu in the long run.


Thank you for entrusting us with the privilege of teaching and guiding your children in their jiu jitsu practice! Together, we can create a supportive and joyful environment where every child can thrive and grow as a martial artist.